Masters in Social Entrepreneurship | Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship | #Socent #Socinn

George Mason University in Fairfax, VA has announced a new, interdisciplinary Masters in Social Entrepreneurship beginning in the Fall of 2012. From the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship:

We welcome applicants from around the globe and from all undergraduate majors for this two-year program. Only a handful of universities in the world offer a graduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship.

This program is truly interdisciplinary. While the program is housed in Mason’s New Century College, the faculty members who teach the courses are drawn from every corner of the university. We think this only make sense as an approach because the global problems that social entrepreneurs seek to solve require knowledge drawn from across multiple fields of study.

Anyone who has completed his/her undergraduate degree is also welcomed to apply.

Also, certain students entering their senior year in 2012 may be eligible to count the 4th year of their undergraduate studies as the first year of this graduate program, allowing them to secure a Master’s degree in 5 years instead of 6.

To get more information fill out this form. GMU will release more information in the coming days.

via Masters in Social Entrepreneurship | Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

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